Summer 2016

One day I’ll be able to provide more than a quarterly update on our life, but for now, here we are. This summer was probably our busiest ever, and it was equal parts fun and exhausting. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Got season passes to Lagoon
  • Airshows
  • Seven Peaks for the first time
  • Blind Pilot concert
  • Idaho State Fair
  • Education Week
  • Provo City Center Temple (#21!)
  • Played a lot of Pokemon Go
  • Quick trip to California
  • Seaworld
  • Flight exhibit at the Leonardo
  • Got a new car to replace poor Coco (RIP)

Now that summer is over, here’s what I’m excited for in the fall:

  • Halloween candy being on sale
  • Our couple’s Halloween costume
  • Nanowrimo
  • General Conference
  • Fall TV
  • These colors:

Long live fall!


At the Hop

The flight team put on a 1940s themed dance at the school’s hangar in April, and I don’t think I’ve been that excited for a dance since my wedding. I love the 40s and 50s, and loved having a chance to dress up and wear red lipstick.

The Swing Club was offering a short dance lesson before the dance, but two left feet and kitten heels don’t mix, so I watched from a sitting position and wished for the millionth time that I could dance. Even though my dancing abilities are subpar, Tyson twirled me all around that hangar, and we had the best time.


Love him and his classic good looks.

The Great Power Outage of 2016

I love book to movie adaptations, so I was super excited to watch The Hunger Games when it came out. We went to one of the late showings at a movie theater that was in a little plaza. As we were leaving, the plaza was completely empty, and I was so scared that the Hunger Games were real. I kept telling Tyson, “This could totally happen. President Snow could be real.” We discussed this for a little while, and I told Tyson to leave me behind if something like the Hunger Games ever happens. I’m not fast, or strong, or good in high-stress scenarios. I would not do well in a situation like that. I think an Eagle Scout like him would have a good chance of survival, but not me because I have nothing to contribute besides my quick wit. He said he would never leave me behind, and that made me feel a little safer.

One night when we were coming home from the gym (I was hoping this would come up… We reluctantly go to the gym now!), and we noticed there wasn’t a single streetlight or apartment light on. I started to panic because this had President Snow written all over it. Our suspicions were confirmed when we got to our apartment and tried all the lights.

I tend to take electricity for granted, so I forget you need it to do pretty much everything. You want to charge your phone? You’ll need electricity. You want to be on WiFi? Electricity. You’re craving some microwave popcorn? Also electricity.

Since we’d just come back from the gym, we were super gross and sweaty, and not showering was not an option. But showering in the dark? Even I’ve seen enough scary movies to know that’s not a good idea. Luckily, I’m married to a resourceful man (Girls, add this to your list!). Tyson put a little flashlight in a mason jar, and I was able to shower without feeling like I was about to become a victim to a violent crime. We survived the next few hours without electricity, but I was really glad when it came back.


Whenever the topic of the Hunger Games comes up, I continue tell Tyson I would be dead weight, but he still refuses to hypothetically leave me behind. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

My Sister’s Wedding


I still can’t believe my little sister is old enough to get married! Her wedding was beautiful, and I made it almost the whole night in heels. Tyson and I played videographer and photographer for the wedding, so I don’t have a lot of pictures on my phone. I made sure the picture I really wanted was a priority, though:



Nailed it.

April Showers

When I was first engaged, I was at Starbucks going over wedding details in my head when I overheard a conversation between a girl and her wedding planner. (It’s a real job! I thought it was a job you only had if you were the lead in a romantic comedy.) She was telling her wedding planner that she only wanted to spend $3,000 on flowers. On flowers! My heart died a little inside because we had nowhere near that much for our whole wedding. That’s not what I think of when I think of our wedding, though.

When I think about our wedding, I think about how incredibly supportive and generous friends, family, and acquaintances were. Many of them didn’t even know me, but they knew and loved Tyson, so they donated their time, talents, and resources so that we could have the perfect day, and we did. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to pay it forward in some way.

When my little sister got engaged, I knew I wanted to do something special for her. I remember how hard it was to be engaged, especially when you’re young, and don’t have all the time and money in the world to spend on the perfect day.

My sister in law and I decided to throw a bridal shower for my sister a week before her wedding. We made toilet paper wedding dresses that would have made Tim Gunn proud, ate pizza, and gave my sister marriage advice.

It’s weird being on this side of experience, but I like it. Also, I think I caught the party planning bug. Don’t encourage me.

Happy beginning of wedding season!