It’s a Girl!

The weeks leading up to our twenty week ultrasound felt eternal, and when the day finally came I was all nerves and a full bladder. As always, there was an amount of fear and worry- what if they saw something was wrong, or if she wasn’t moving anymore?

My fears were calmed the second the ultrasound technician waved her wand over my belly, and I saw our perfect little baby kicking away. It was an emotional experience, just like the first time we saw our baby in the ultrasound. The ultrasound technician asked if we wanted to find out our baby’s gender, and I nodded enthusiastically through my tears.

She looked around for a few seconds and then announced, “It’s a girl!” I thought my heart was going to burst. I wanted a daughter so badly, and I don’t think I had allowed myself to admit just how much until I knew that’s what we were having. Through the long months of waiting, the idea of a little girl wearing a huge headband is what comforted me. Sometimes she had a little bit of dark hair, and sometimes she was bald, but she was always mine. Now that little girl is on her way, and we can’t believe our luck.


Buying some balloons for our gender reveal photo shoot while wearing blue.


This little sign was a joint effort.


We drove up the canyon during golden hour.



We didn’t want to keep our photographer waiting.


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