Ohio is for Lovers

Back in December, we found out Tyson’s flight team had qualified to compete in the National Flight Competition at Ohio State in May so we thought we would make a short trip of it to celebrate our five year anniversary a few months late. When we found out we were pregnant in February we thought, “Never mind,” and went to San Francisco in March instead.

A few weeks before Tyson was supposed to leave for Ohio, he realized that Kirtland was close to one of the cities he would be visiting. He knows I love church history and have always wanted to see all the church history sites, so his wheels started turning. By then, I was out of my first trimester and feeling way better, so a trip like this didn’t feel like a Herculean task anymore. Less than 24 hours later, we had booked a flight for me to join him in Ohio for a few days before we flew back to Utah together.

I have to stress that I’m not an adventurous or spontaneous person. I’m a planner and worrier. The YOLO spirit of this trip was fueled by my love of church history, the desire to be reunited with Tyson a few days earlier, the realization that trips like this with a baby would be exponentially harder, and probably some pregnancy hormones. Let me know if you know of any acronyms for when you want every second of your life to be planned or you become a neurotic mess.


Regardless, after the tickets were purchased, there was no going back. I made a list, checked it a million times, and tried to summon all the courage I could for my first ever solo flight.

After almost a week apart, some tears because we had never spent longer than like 18 hours apart, a drive to Salt Lake by myself, a turbulent flight to Denver by myself, some more tears because how was I ever going to make it through an even longer flight, some debate on whether I should just ask Tyson to rent a car and pick me up in Denver, some magical Chinese food that restored my faith in humanity and myself, and a much longer but less turbulent flight, I landed in Ohio and was reunited with a very sunburned Tyson.

It was the first time either of us had been to Ohio, and it far exceeded all of our expectations. I loved the trees, the older architecture, and all the aviation sites, though probably not as much as Tyson did.

My first day there, we visited the Air Force Museum in Dayton, which was huge. We were there for about five hours, and still didn’t get to see everything. I took a small nap on a bench because that’s a lot of walking and no food or drink was allowed in the museum. Tyson got to see some of the planes he’d been wanting to see since he was little. Celebrity planes, they’re just like us!


The next day, we went to Cedar Pointe in Sandusky, which is another thing Tyson had been wanting to do since he was little. They have some of the tallest roller coasters in the world, which doesn’t mean a whole lot when you’re pregnant and scared of heights, but Tyson was all over it. I loved seeing him so happy. We got him a pass that made it so he could skip to the front of the line and get a meal from the food vendors every two hours. That part I could totally understand, and I gladly participated.


The next day was our last day in Ohio, and was spent touring some church history sites in Kirtland. We were able to take a tour of the Kirtland temple, the cemetery across the street, and the Newel K. Whitney store. It was a really spiritual experience, and I wish we’d been able to spent more time there. We felt a little rushed because we were flying out a few hours later and still had to drop off our rental, so we definitely want to go back and spent at least a day there.



We had a great time, and I’m really glad we decided to go. Maybe those people who YOLO aren’t so crazy after all.


It’s a Girl!

The weeks leading up to our twenty week ultrasound felt eternal, and when the day finally came I was all nerves and a full bladder. As always, there was an amount of fear and worry- what if they saw something was wrong, or if she wasn’t moving anymore?

My fears were calmed the second the ultrasound technician waved her wand over my belly, and I saw our perfect little baby kicking away. It was an emotional experience, just like the first time we saw our baby in the ultrasound. The ultrasound technician asked if we wanted to find out our baby’s gender, and I nodded enthusiastically through my tears.

She looked around for a few seconds and then announced, “It’s a girl!” I thought my heart was going to burst. I wanted a daughter so badly, and I don’t think I had allowed myself to admit just how much until I knew that’s what we were having. Through the long months of waiting, the idea of a little girl wearing a huge headband is what comforted me. Sometimes she had a little bit of dark hair, and sometimes she was bald, but she was always mine. Now that little girl is on her way, and we can’t believe our luck.


Buying some balloons for our gender reveal photo shoot while wearing blue.


This little sign was a joint effort.


We drove up the canyon during golden hour.



We didn’t want to keep our photographer waiting.