2017 word

I felt a little too prepared for Christmas this year- most of my shopping was done a few weeks before, and we wrapped a few presents a night to keep wrapping fatigue away. It got to the point where all of our presents were stacked by the wall adjacent to our tree, and I thought, “What am I forgetting? We can’t possibly be done already.”

I forgot about New Year’s.

We’re typically only in California for Christmas, but since we were able to visit for both holidays, I completely forgot about the new year. This means I had no New Year’s resolutions, no plans, not even a word.

On January 1st while I was sitting at church, we read a scripture in Mosiah, and the thought just came to me that this is what I needed to focus on this year:



My word and my focus for the year is: cheerful. I want to be cheerful even if my car is buried under two feet of snow, even if I got toothpaste on my shirt so I have to wear a scarf all day, even if it’s -15 when I wake up in the morning. (These are all inspired by true events that have already tested my cheerfulness this past week.) I want to be cheerful even when things aren’t going my way, maybe especially when things aren’t going my way. I’m looking forward to it, cheerfully, of course. 🙂


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