Four Year Anniversary

We didn’t have any big plans for our four year anniversary. All I wanted was a delicious baked good, and all Tyson wanted was to ride the train.

We started our celebration by doing sealings at the Logan temple.


We then rode the train from Ogden to Salt Lake. Look at that smile:


We had lunch at City Creek, and then toured a train station, where I took this blurry picture of Tyson:

IMG_6020 (1)

Sadly, our day steadily declined after this. (Not pictured.)

Since we’d taken the train to Salt Lake, we were in Salt Lake without a car. We wanted to have dinner at JCWs, so we tried taking the bus to the nearest JCWs. We did not realize that the bus system in Salt Lake City is fickle, and bus route numbers change on a whim. After about forty minutes into a bus ride, we realized we were going in the wrong direction. The route number had changed without us noticing, and we were now heading into the bad side of Salt Lake just as it was starting to get dark. We got off the bus and ended up catching a bus back to City Creek.

Cold and hungry, we grabbed a brownie and some Chinese food before catching the trolley to the train station so we could ride back to Ogden. That’s when we noticed our train ticket was missing. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. The next train would be here soon, so we decided to try our luck and get on without our ticket. I anxiously ate a cold egg roll while waiting for the train. We tried not to attract any attention to ourselves.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 10.36.22 PM

Some hooligans got on at the next stop and decided to sit right next to us. I felt like I was in an eighties movie, starring John Cusack, where the good kid who never gets in trouble sits next to the bully and gets in trouble by pure association. I’m not sure how these people were even real, but we rolled the dice on public transportation and somehow got them. They were being really loud and disrespectful, and even started smoking electronic cigarettes at some point. The sassy train aide was not having it, and I saw my life flash before my eyes when I saw her walking towards us and threaten to kick them off the train. I pictured us stranded in Downtown Salt Lake and hitchhiking back to Ogden.

After the world’s longest train ride, we got off the train and back to Coco. The only time I have been happier to see her was when she was towed after I illegally parked her at Jack in the Box, but that is a story for another day.

We got back to Logan around midnight, determined to never spend an anniversary like that again. Even though it wasn’t our most successful anniversary ever, there’s no one I’d rather be lost with than Tyson. 


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