Tyson’s doppelganger

On Tyson’s first day at USU, he texted me to say he’d seen someone who looked just like him, but he wasn’t able to follow him because he had a class. Creepy? It gets weirder.

A few weeks later, we were at the temple, and someone stopped Tyson to ask if he knew him from somewhere. Tyson said he did not, and this person then asked if he was related to a family who lives in Cache Valley because he looks just like one of the brothers. Tyson again said no, and we went on our way thinking this was just a weird coincidence.

About a year later, I had a picture of Tyson up on my desk, and someone I worked with walked by and stopped to look at the picture. He asked if I was related to so and so’s little brother. I said no, and he told me the person Tyson looks like comes from a family of four brothers who all look like twins.

About a year after that, Tyson was having lunch with me in the break room when someone stopped him and asked if Tyson remembered him from his mission. Tyson did not because he didn’t actually serve a mission with him. This person then pulled up his phone and showed us Tyson’s doppelganger’s Facebook profile. I really wish I remembered his name because this person really did look just like Tyson. There was even a picture of him leaving the Salt Lake Temple with his wife on his wedding day that looked just like this picture of us leaving the Newport Beach Temple on our wedding day:


We haven’t had a doppelganger incident in a while, so we wonder about him from time to time. Wherever he is, we hope he’s okay.


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