Winter 2015 – 2016

Coming back to a blog after a long hiatus is like waking up after a long nap and wondering where you are and if Y2K has happened yet. I figured I would start out with something easy, so here are some pictures from this past winter:

  • We walked around Temple Square after the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.
  • Got to see American Authors at my company’s Christmas party.
  • I took a bad picture of American Authors because I was as far away from the music as humanly possible while still being in the same building. Migraines and loud music do not mix well.
  • We went to California for Christmas, and spent Christmas night at Downtown Disney with our friends.
  • Visited the Redlands Temple (#19 for us) with Tyson’s parents.
  • Went to the beach to see the Christmas Lights and saw my first Little Free Library. Sadly, I did not have a book to leave behind, so I did not take one. 😥
  • Flew back from California on my first red eye. 0 stars, would not recommend.
  • Spent New Year’s Eve with my family in Salt Lake, where my sister convinced me to wear lipstick.
  • It snowed.
  • I got bangs, and we found a new sushi place we loved.
  • It snowed some more, like way more.
  • We attended the Provo City Center Temple open house. Standing in line for two hours to get in was totally worth it!

Farewell, winter! I am not sad to see you go.


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