Fall 2015

I know, I know. Another 2015 post. But you know what Socrates said, “The undocumented life is not worth living,” or that’s what he would have said if he had lived in the age of social media. He would have probably been an op-ed writer for the Times, but I digress…

Fall in Logan is the most magical time of the year. This is especially true when you’re under the impression that said fall will be your last in Logan. We’ve since found out that Tyson will need to spend another semester in school, so it won’t actually be our last, but this fall will still be one for the books. Fall in Logan is beautiful, but when you think it will be your last, you really try your hardest to soak it all in. So we did:

  • Photo booth at Allie’s beautiful wedding with the cutest date.
  • Tyson was Lloyd Dobler at our favorite place (Target).
  • My sister turned 20!
  • …But we still can’t take a good picture together.
  • Went to our 19th temple together in Twin Falls, ID. Loved it.
  • Wore a panda suit to work for Halloween: 0 stars, do not recommend.
  • Watched my sister sing at Luz de las Naciones.
  • Tagged along to Tyson’s school field trip to the control tower at the Salt Lake Airport.
  • Visited the renovated Church History Museum, and it’s seriously the coolest.
  • Met one of my heroes, Captain Moroni, at the museum. He’s taller than I expected.
  • Those yellow leaves were more photogenic than I could ever hope to be.
  • Enjoyed Thanksgiving at Dan’s house in Salt Lake, but Santi was not impressed.
  • Had our most successful Black Friday yet.
  • Celebrated Dan’s birthday, but Santi was still not impressed.
  • Froze at the USU vs. BYU game and realized winter was upon us when we saw the people in front of us had their blanket freeze to the bleachers.

If there’s something that can keep me going through those dark and cold Logan winter months, it’s the thought that fall will come again. Until next year, my fall.


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