I dreamed a dream – for my mom


If you’re ever thinking about trying something new, but you need an extra push from someone who believes anything is possible, go talk to my mom. She has enough ambition for me, for you, and to spare. She is faith and hope personified.

Not only does my mom love me, but she believes in me.

When I told her I wanted to be a painter, she told me that I should start taking classes that semester. The paintings I made in college are still proudly hanging in her garage, a testimony to her belief that I’m a talented artist.

When I called her halfway through college to tell her I wanted to switch my major to English, she encouraged me and told me that I needed to study something I loved, and that I wrote beautifully.

The other day after watching Juventud de la Promesa, I texted my mom that it made me want to learn to dance. She told me (the most uncoordinated person I know, who also has the least amount of rhythm) that there’s no time like the present to try something new.

The world would be a better place if everyone had someone who believes in them like my mom believes in me.

Today is her birthday, so I thought I would dream a dream.

I dream that I can one day inspire someone like she has inspired me. I dream that I can encourage someone who needs a little extra hope. I dream that I can one day make my kids believe that they are brave, strong, and special, like she has made me feel. I dream that I will one day become all the things she already believes I am.



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