summer photos I almost forgot about

We had our first snow of the season yesterday and I was so shocked that I don’t even have any cellphone quality pictures to show for it. If your hair freezing because you forgot to wear a hood doesn’t sway you on your opinions about summer, then nothing will. I have to admit that I miss summer just a little bit.

Even though I probably spend way too much time on my phone, I’m so glad I’m able to take pictures quickly and then look back at them when I’m freezing. Short sleeves and flip flops. What are those? At least I have my phone to remind me. Without my phone, I might have forgotten that we did anything besides go to California this summer. I also may have never realized that I’m always wearing the same clothes.

We kicked off the summer by getting shaved ice. Tyson proved that he’s always ready for a picture. (I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get a bad picture of him.) Me? Not so much. At least my shaved ice looks good.


Drank all the Dirty Diet Cokes I could get my hands on. IMG_3106

Regretted these potatoes shortly after this picture was taken.IMG_3681

Admired that sunset while Tyson admired those potatoes pre-regret.IMG_3682

Tyson saw one of his favorite planes while it was flying over us on the one day he didn’t have his camera. Side note: Please tell me how it’s fair that Tyson can pretty much see Pluto with his bare eyes and I can barely see an exit sign as I’m passing it without my glasses. Anyway, I was like, “Fear not! Iphone camera to the rescue.” IMG_3695

Spent too much money and not enough time at Target. This was after I was in my second hour of attempting to smell every candle in the home decor section. IMG_3713

Went to the Payson temple. I love having so many temples nearby. IMG_3820

Went to the Idaho State Fair. Tried a Tiger Ear for the first time. Gained ten pounds. IMG_4376 (1)

Played in some sunflower fields. Tyson’s convinced these sunflowers are his doing from when he put sunflower seeds in the bird feeder. IMG_3864

Proved we would do anything for free Chickfila. IMG_3873

Went to the Rexburg temple. Idaho’s kind of charming sometimes. IMG_3878

I cut and dyed my hair. Only cried about it twelve times. IMG_3922

Tyson won all the awards at the fair. He is the special! IMG_4042

Wore all the patterns at the fair. (My shoes had polka dots.)IMG_4050

Drank some gold Diet Coke at BYU Ed week. Took twenty pages of notes. IMG_4213

Went to the Lagoon for fourteen hours. I read while Tyson and my sister went on every single ride. We did go on the Tilt A Whirl like eight times per my request. Love me some Tilt A Whirl. IMG_4288

Long live summer!


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