The Best Few Years

When we chose to get married young, we knew there were sacrifices we’d have to make. I always knew Tyson’s education wouldn’t be one of them. I also knew he wouldn’t have the quintessential college experience.

I loved college. Finding my place in the world and people I could call home changed me forever, and I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. I really wanted for Tyson to have a similar experience, and often felt guilty that he was missing out on so much of what I loved.

when else is taking a picture like this acceptable?

when else is taking a picture like this acceptable?

I try to make up for this by providing as much of the college experience as I can, which sometimes includes going to sporting events. Even though these were not part of my college experience, TV tells me that they are, and I’m just trying to play my role of supportive student’s wife. So I will stand for hours and hours with people who are hardcore invading my personal space, wear an Aggie shirt to to all sporting events, and sing the fight song. I will look over at the boy I fell in love with during the best years of my life, and hope that I’m able to play a small part in making these the best years of his life.


These past few years have been years spent in the lion’s den, in the refiner’s fire, in whatever metaphor you choose to symbolize trial. But it’s never crossed my mind that this wouldn’t be worth it. If there’s anything I learned in college, it’s that I can do hard things on little to no sleep. That includes going to football games and being a supportive student’s wife.



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