trip of a lifetime

Last post about our trip… Ready, go!

Confession time: I had second, third, and fourth thoughts about going on this trip. Even though Tyson shopped around for deals like crazy, it still felt like a really extravagant expense we couldn’t afford. Even as we were driving down to California, there was a part of me that wanted to turn the car around and go back to Utah.

It wasn’t until a day into our trip and in Sacramento that I came to myself. It was about a thousand degrees in downtown Sacramento, and we found an Italian buffet that served baked Mac and Cheese. I drank a Diet Coke with reckless abandon as Tyson piled pasta on his plate. I don’t know what it was, but at that moment, everything felt like it was as it should be, and I knew we’d done the right thing by going on this trip. In that moment, I was reminded that my husband of three years was once just a boy I thought was cute in Mission Prep. It’s hard to believe he was once a stranger, when he’s now the keeper of all my secrets and dreams. I never want to forget how miraculous our marriage is.

After that moment, I turned into vacation me, and really started enjoying myself. Vacation me is the most fun, and someone you’d definitely want to be friends with. Vacation me does not complain about being tired, encourages you to buy souvenirs, and is always up for another stop.

Even though there are some places we’ve visited that we’ll definitely want to visit again (San Francisco forever), we’ll never go on this same trip again. Even if we tried to recreate it, we wouldn’t be the us we are now, so I’m glad we went on this trip when we did.

As we were hiking Lombard Street and I felt every muscle in my thighs rip, I said, “Imagine I was carrying a baby right now. I couldn’t do it.” As much as I’m looking forward to having and raising babies with Tyson, I don’t think I realized just how much I needed this time and this trip for just the two of us right now.

thumb_IMG_3577_1024 thumb_IMG_3634_1024 thumb_IMG_3635_1024 thumb_IMG_3640_1024 thumb_IMG_3645_1024 thumb_IMG_3580_1024I highly recommend going on a trip with your husband of three years. Five stars.



I first fell in love with John Steinbeck when I was a senior in high school. We read East of Eden in AP English, and I was instantly hooked. The language was beautiful, the themes relevant, and the characters were so familiar. It’s still my favorite book eight years later, so don’t ask me what it’s about unless you’re ready for me to talk your ear off ;). Visiting John Steinbeck’s house had been on my bucket list for a while, so we planned a day trip to Salinas while we were in Northern California.

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Being in the place that had inspired so much of my literary hero’s fiction was a dream come true. I left Salinas with a renewed resolve to write more about things that matter. I’ll die happy if I can inspire even one person the way John Steinbeck has inspired me.