You thought I was done writing about our trip, didn’t you? Not so.

Alcatraz was part of our San Francisco experience, but I really thought it deserved its own post. It was another one of those outings that I wasn’t really looking forward to. To be completely honest, I would have preferred to have gone to the three story Forever 21 instead, but Tyson insisted this was a must-see. I’m so glad I listened to him because I was completely blown away by Alcatraz.

First off, I had no idea Alcatraz was considered a National Park. It’s beautiful, and the only thing that’s prisony about it is the prison. I didn’t realize that many of the prison employees lived on the island with their families, so it really was like its own little town.


We did the audio tour while we walked through the prison, and it was so interesting. Even though these men were being interviewed about events that had happened to them decades ago, they still remembered names, dates, and events almost to perfection. I guess some things just stay with you, and Alcatraz is one of them.


My little outlaw


View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz


The gardens some of the inmates maintained

Most of my ideas about prison come from Law & Order, so I was really surprised to hear stories about men who were rehabilitated by the prison programs, and whose lives really were changed while they were there.

In typical me fashion, my favorite Alcatraz moment was the time we spent in the bookstore. The history geek in me fully manifested itself, and I left with a reading list that’s now twice as long, and maybe even a little bit of a desire to explore writing historical fiction.

If you have the opportunity to go to Alcatraz, do it! And bring me a book from the bookstore 😉


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