To Learn Before I Turn 25

I only get a half birthday on leap years, so when March started and I found myself suddenly closer to 25 than 24, I went into a mild panic. There’s so much I wanted to have figured out by the time I turned 25. In order to keep a quarter-life crisis at bay, I wrote a list of ten things I want to learn by the time I turn 25: 

  1. How to accept a compliment without sounding cocky or self-deprecating. 
  2. When to replace my car’s tires. 
  3. How to follow a recipe. 
  4. Follow up: how to substitute ingredients in a recipe. 
  5. How to effectively coupon. 
  6. What to wear when the dress code is business casual. 
  7. How to fold a fitted sheet. 
  8. What time a show is on if the commercial says it’s on at 8/7c. 
  9. How to curl my hair. 
  10. How to unsubscribe from e-mail lists. 

Ten things is manageable, right?


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