– Tyson having to study for finals
– getting a flat tire less than an hour into our road trip to California
– forgetting our passports in Utah, which we needed to get into Mexico
– being stressed about what to get Tyson for Christmas, and not buying his present until just two days before Christmas
– the blizzard we had to drive through to get back to Logan


– going to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with some of our California friends
– outlet shopping with my mom
–  Christmas in California with both our families
– making gingerbread cookies for the first time with my mother-in-law
– visiting both of our favorite temples in one week
– real Mexican food and snacks
– Tyson put in a work order to get our water heater’s temperature turned up. It’s made such a huge difference that we might just stay in Aggie Village forever. Just kidding 🙂


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