Ode to my husband of almost three years

Not having to drive in the snow is my love language. This is how Tyson, award winning husband and aviation student, solidified his status as my favorite person. I wrote this as our little Corolla dashed through the snow on our way back to Logan yesterday:

If there was such a thing as a marriage report card, Tyson’s would say that he’s a team player. He’s simultaneously my coach, quarterback, and number one fan. He’s also the person in charge of handing out orange slices and water at the end of the game.
During our long friendship turned courtship turned marriage, he has impressed me with his kindness and patience.
He opens every door, carries the heavy grocery bags, and always pumps the gas.
He’s a quick forgiver, and doesn’t know how to hold a grudge.
He loves animals, and can often be found petting a dog. His spirit animal is a really loyal and beautiful golden retriever. His patronus would probably be the narwhal from Elf.
He can spot a baby from miles away, and likes making faces at them until they laugh. Not even the grumpiest baby can resist him.
He’s funny, witty, and contagiously brave.
I tell him I love him a million times a day, but love feels like such a small word when I really mean, “Thank you for making the future seem like the most exciting adventure. I’m so glad we’re a team.”



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