Tyson and I went to the Church History Museum in Salt Lake before it closed, and I thanked my lucky stars I found someone who can geek out about church history with me *heart eyes emoji*.



How Not to Be Photogenic: A Memoir

That same night, the Aggies beat the Cougars while we were at In N Out, so Tyson was happy as could be.


The next two days were filled with spiritual renewal as we listened to General Conference.



I was on my way to Institute and was turning to go up to campus (so close!) when I saw red and blue lights flashing behind me. I pulled over by some trash cans and started panicking. My hands shook as I struggled to find my license and registration. After the policeman lectured me on only having an expired proof of insurance card on me, he sent me on my anxious way without a ticket and drove off. Is it my California plates, or am I just a really terrible driver?

All that is left of October is a few bags of discounted Halloween candy and a sad pumpkin I painted to use as a centerpiece, so I declare October officially closed.


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