Pumpkin Walking

The Pumpkin Walk is a North Logan tradition that we’d somehow missed every year.

It was a cold and cloudy Friday night. We had watched at least five episodes of The Office on Netflix , and I’d taken a twenty minute nap. We had nothing to lose, so we decided we’d give the Pumpkin walk a try.

The Pumpkin Walk had offered free parking in their twenty minute radio commercial (yes, we still listen to the radio) at an elementary school nearby. The parking situation was frightful. It was car anarchy as far as the eye could see. Even the bus drop-off zone was six mini vans deep. We lucked out and stalked a family who was walking back to their car and were soon on our way to the Pumpkin Walk in a bus full of pumpkin walkers.

When we got off the bus, the disorganization was even scarier than the parking situation. High schoolers in fluorescent vests were leading people, but nobody listens to teenagers wearing neon.  We found ourselves in line in front of some people who were then suddenly in front of us while the faint smell of rotting pumpkin permeated the cold night air. Babies cried as the lines grew longer and longer. By the time it was our turn to go in, those pumpkins wouldn’t have impressed me even if they sang and danced. They didn’t.

Now, pictures!
photo 2

photo 3



Lucky for me, Tyson makes everything fun, but I think we can go back to missing the Pumpkin Walk now : )


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