*dusts off blog*

While the internet has been buzzing about how glad they are that they live in a world where there are Octobers, I’ve been thinking about how good September was.

– While getting a routine cleaning, we discovered my engagement ring had some loose diamonds in it. We took my ring to the jewelry store to get the diamonds tightened, and they sent it to their jeweler. When Tyson went to go pick up my ring, the jewelry store discovered that my ring wasn’t in Bountiful where it was supposed to be. Apparently, the shipping company decided to send my ring on a little road trip to Memphis, then California, and finally back to Utah. After a week of having single lady hands, I now have a ring that’s seen more of the world than I have.


– There was a storm on the day the Ogden temple dedication, so the broadcast was really spotty, and we missed most of the talks, including Elder Holland’s. </3

– After a lifetime of wanting to be more musical, I finally started taking piano lessons.
– Tyson and I found a station that plays bluegrass on Saturday nights.
– We drove up the canyon for a family photo shoot just in time to see all the leaves changing color. How cute is my nephew?

IMG_1703 IMG_1690

– We heard Brad Wilcox speak on grace at a fireside at the Logan tabernacle.


– I bid farewell to long hair for good. Read: I finally had an excuse to take a selfie.


I have no idea what I’m doing. #myspaceprofilepic