To be perfectly dramatic, August just about killed me. I’m glad I’ve been jotting down some of the good things that happened during the month because I don’t think I would remember them otherwise:

– after six years of faithful service, my grey forever 21 jeans finally gave up the ghost
– we had to turn our heat on in August, so I’m officially scared for winter
– work = when it rains, it pours
– I had a cold on my birthday

– one of Tyson’s pictures winning first place in the landscape category at the fair
– back to school and Labor Day sales
– going to the Ogden temple open house with my family
– baby-sitting my cute baby nephew
– we’re regulars at black pearl now: one of the waitresses noticed I always pick the onions out of my fried rice, and she asked the cook to make me a fried rice with no onions the next time I asked for it
– byu education week
– birthday mail
– new institute classes; I’m taking church history for the first time

Now that August is finally over, I’m starting to feel like myself again. The leaves are changing color, and I have a sudden urge to cut my hair, so it’s all business as usual over here. I will catch up on the last of our summer days soon!


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