– getting scolded by an older lady for parking in a senior parking spot at Walmart
– it’s hot, and our apartment still does not have air conditioning
– missing California
– having to work on pioneer day when Tyson had the day off
– a sore throat that just won’t quit
– still not getting what all the fireworks fuzz is about (sorry, Tyson!)

– our week in California
– we got a Sam’s Club membership!
– going on walks together
– we tried an enchilada recipe, and it was a success
– Tyson finished his last math class ever
– dirty diet cokes and yo tengo mangos at Fizz N Fryz
– chasing thunderstorms together
– the sweetest priesthood blessing I received, where Tyson told me that my Heavenly Father is aware of my concerns, and “There’s nothing to fear.” I’ll treasure those words for a long, long time.






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