Ward Campout 2014

A few weeks ago, I broke my almost ten year camping hiatus and let Tyson take me camping with our ward. I took some pictures as proof.


Lesson #1 always marry an Eagle Scout, especially if you’re pretty much dead weight when it comes to surviving in the wilderness. I’m hoping Tyson will take pity on me if my nightmares come true and we’re reaped for the Hunger Games.


After my initial panic at having lost cellphone service subsided, I started having fun. Also, s’mores are nature’s way of rewarding you for conquering it.


Our one problem was that we broke the cardinal rule of scouting and were not prepared. We forgot our pillows, toilet paper, and blankets. After a night of waking up every few hours thinking I would be mauled by a bear, I woke to the smell of bacon and pancakes, and thought, “Hey, that wasn’t too bad!”

Dear nature, we probably won’t meet again any time soon, but when we do, we will be prepared.


the best part of summer

This one comes with a playlist located here.

Sometimes I feel like Logan has purged California out of me. I start feeling faint on warm days (80+ degrees), I can make a mean toilet seat cover in 2.5 seconds, and I’m not scared of a little snow. But coming home reminds me that there’s so much more to who I am than geography.  Home is where all the streets feel familiar, and I don’t feel lost even when I can’t find my way. Wherever we went, I was either surrounded by rows of green fields, or endless ocean. They’ve both helped me find my way at one time or another.


my favorite castle


of course we also had to swing by our temple


went to my first baseball game


you can’t see our thigh gap because we’re not doing the splits


4th of July crowd at the beach


a boy saying bye to his dog #heartbreaking


Kate & Jack

The best part of summer is coming home, and the best part of coming home is realizing that there’s always room for a little more sunshine.

train day III

For the third year in a row, we celebrated Tyson’s birthday by going to Train Day. I’m quite the Train Day expert by now. I know all about staying hydrated and wearing comfortable shoes.

Tyson’s mom was visiting Logan for the week, so she was able to participate in the Train Day festivities with us. She may be the only person that can actually keep up with Tyson. I’m not a Daun by birth, so I was basically just looking for a place to sit the entire time, comfortable shoes and all.


you can tell these pictures are forever old because of my coat


Tyson stared longingly at this game until his mom asked someone if he could play it.


adventures in vintage transportation


the unstoppable Dauns

Another year, another Train Day. We’ll see you next year, Ogden Station!