Monday Manifesto on a Tuesday

I will fill my life with light.
I will be intentional about my becoming.
I will make any house I live in a haven for anyone who feels wounded.
I will listen in a way that lets others know that their pain is safe with me.
I will cultivate creativity in both myself and others.
I will love even those who are hard to love, even when that includes me.
I will not allow myself to lose hope.


baby animal days 2014

I don’t know why Baby Animal Days is always on the same weekend, when we all know it’s going to rain. This year was a lot like last year, except it was colder and the lines were longer.¬†We will probably still go every year while we’re living in Logan because if you see baby animals and cotton candy, you will undoubtedly see us there too.



IMG_0267We like what we like, what can I say?

we’re still alive!

The only excuse I have for falling off the blog wagon is that April was my February. Now that I’m back, let the photo dumping begin!

For now, here’s a picture of the Logan temple and a blooming tree:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.37.28 PM