the best two years

When we’d been married a few months, Tyson and I went to the Newport Beach temple together one day. Someone stopped me in the dressing room and asked me how long I’d been married. When I told her I’d been married a few months, she said, “I thought you were brand new newlyweds because you still have that light in your eyes.” I thanked her, went to my dressing room, and wrote a quick note for myself in a little notebook I always carry: “I hope the light never goes out of our eyes.”

I know two years isn’t terribly long, but it’s two years of paying bills together, two years of dirty socks piled by the bed, two years of occasionally misunderstanding each other and hurting each other’s feelings. How can we keep that light in our eyes through all that? Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Be clear about your expectations. Even if you’re a mindreader, your spouse is not.
  2. Strive to express love in your spouse’s love language.
  3. Try to go to bed at the same time, even if you’re mad at each other.
  4. It’s better to go to bed mad at each other than to stay up fighting and saying something you’ll regret. A good night’s sleep is a marriage saver.
  5. Fight fair –  No name calling or recalling past mistakes.
  6. Don’t take everything personally. Just because he didn’t take out the trash doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. It just means that he didn’t take out the trash.
  7. Imitate the behaviors of successful marriages.
  8. Remember that it’s never too late to have the kind of marriage you’ve always wanted. You can still be soul mates.


I know we’re still technically newbies, but two years of marriage makes you qualified to give marriage advice, right? ; )


puppy love

Rent a Puppy visited Utah State recently, and asked Tyson if he wanted to hold a puppy. Tyson, puppy enthusiast, promptly held a puppy and fell in love. We rented that same puppy for an hour on Saturday. We took him for a walk, played fetch, and took a million pictures of/with him.




Have you ever seen a happier Tyson? I’m pretty sure he’s gone through all the stages of grief since we returned him to Rent a Puppy : (


As promised, here are the pictures that missed the Facebook/Instagram boat:


Having a fireplace in our hotel room has probably ruined all other hotel rooms for me.


flags at the Olympic Park


light show at an outside mall we found while looking for a bathroom


Vandalized Banksy we found while looking for a bathroom




Main Street at night


2 years!

As soon as the holidays ended, we started planning our anniversary trip, and that’s about how long I’ve been looking forward to going to Park City. Thinking of our trip carried me through the winter blues, so I was worried my expectations would be too high, but it was a perfect weekend. Tyson’s always been the kind of person that makes everything an adventure, and I always feel most like myself when I’m having fun with him.

Anyone have 3 year anniversary getaway ideas?

Ocquirrh Mountain Temple

We celebrated our two year anniversary by spending the weekend in Park City. (Pictures that didn’t make the Instagram/Facebook cut coming soon.)

When we moved to Utah, we figured we might never live this close to this many temples, so we decided we would try to visit all of them. We stopped by the Ocquirrh Mountain Temple last Saturday on our way to Park City. It’s the seventh temple we’ve been to in Utah, so we’re still missing a few, but we’ll get there!




One of my favorite things about Tyson is how much he loves the temple, so going to a new temple together is the best way we could have started our anniversary trip : )