Dear December

Dear December,

I thought we were friends.

I got a new coat just for you, and I was really looking forward to your arrival.

Don’t act so innocent, you know what you did. First, you made everyone around me sick, and even though I was being so good at Purelling my hands a thousand times a day and taking Zinc daily, you still thought it would be fun to make me sick as well. I can’t believe I even drank juice for you.

Being sick should have been punishment enough, but then you made it crazy cold and dropped three feet of snow on the ground.

Now, my family’s coming up from California for Christmas, and I think you still have a chance to turn this around, so please promise to behave from now on, okay?


Someone who’s had a cold for almost three weeks and the person who’s had to take care of that someone.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 8.09.44 PM



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