I’m thankful for Target

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 7.17.57 PMTyson and I spent Saturday in Bountiful, and in between catching up with family, eating way too much, and watching Catching Fire (!), we managed to stop by Target. Twice.

When we lived in California, we were pretty spoiled. Aside from the sunshine, the beach, and mild winters, we could choose from a multitude of Targets that were all just a few minutes away. We never imagined this wouldn’t be the case in Utah. Any time I see a new building under construction, I think, “This is it, we’re finally getting a Target!” My heart shatters into a million little pieces when weeks later, I see that the new building is to be Burger King’s new home, or something equally disappointing.

Anyway, we got our Target fix this weekend, as we went up and down every aisle, putting things in our cart, then taking things out because we’re not made of money. Decisions were made, and when we drove back to Logan the next day, our trunk was full of Christmas decorations from the dollar section at Target.

Since Tyson’s pretty strict on not putting up our Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving, our apartment is not in full Christmas mode quite yet. We have some lights up, courtesy of Tyson’s height, and it’s making me really excited to put up our tree and the rest of our decorations this weekend. There’s something about the holidays that makes me appreciate my little family and home (and Target) so much more. 


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