corn maze & haunted house

Going to a corn maze with Tyson was on my fall to-do list because I thought it would be romantic (?). We went to the American Western Heritage Center corn maze last weekend, on a deceptively cold Saturday night. We were kind of ill-prepared… I was wearing a thin jacket, and Tyson wasn’t even wearing one. Even though it was night-time, we didn’t even think to bring a flashlight, so we ended up using my cellphone’s light app. I also had a terrible case of the hiccups, which made me glad we weren’t playing hide and seek in the corn maze.

IMG_0035I’m not sure why I thought going to a corn maze would be romantic, or even a remotely good idea. To say that I’m easily scared would be a complete understatement. Being lost in a dark corn maze left me in a perpetual state of fight or flight. Every branch I stepped on meant there was a ghost walking behind me. Every dark turn would lead us to our imminent death. A corn maze is sort of a perfect place for a scary movie, isn’t it? But don’t let me get carried away. Thanks to Tyson’s sense of direction, we made it out alive in record time. Otherwise, I would probably still be there, shivering, and living on whatever bits of corn I found on the floor.



I was so worried that we’d be lost forever during the corn maze that I forgot to worry about the haunted house. Luckily, the line for the haunted house was long, so I had plenty of time to worry myself into a deep panic. The haunted house ended up being more of a haunted trail, set in old western times, complete with witches, ghost kids (why are they so much scarier than ghost adults?), cannibals, and a sheriff (possibly also a ghost?). I think these people are trained to smell fear, or maybe my body language was a dead giveaway, but they sought me out as the group screamer. By the time I left the haunted trail, I think they were all pretty pleased with their performance. I squeezed poor Tyson’s hand so tight that I’m surprised he wasn’t bruised the next day.

IMG_0053After leaving the trail, I was feeling shaky and pale, but at least my hiccups were gone. We picked up a small pumpkin from the pumpkins being sold outside and called it a night. Don’t worry, my hiccups returned on the car ride home.


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