the story behind the costume

Tyson and I were originally planning on doing a different couples costume, but we ended up procrastinating our costume-making. We opted for an idea I’d seen on Pinterest instead. Of course he’s the creative power behind this costume:


Halloween 2013

We were originally going to make up random street names, but I thought it would be a cute idea to have Point A be where we met and Point B be where we got married.

We Tyson started on our shirts and headpieces last night, and I went to bed after a little while. This morning, I found that Tyson had added a few extra streets to our shirts:

Point A: Lake Rd – the street where the church building where we met is located
Parkview Ln – the street where I was living with my roommates/bffs at the time
Merrimac – the institute building
Sunrise Ct – the street where my mom lives

Point B: Bonita Canyon – the street where the temple we were married is located
Lindberg – where Tyson grew up, and where his family still lives
Culver – in Tyson’s words, “This is the street where you got us lost that one time I gave you a ride home.” (I wrote about this here.)

Seriously, how adorable is he?

Happy Halloween!


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