When I was in college, our first set of midterms always seemed to fall on or around Halloween, so I spent most of my Halloweens studying or at least thinking about studying. For years, I thought I hated Halloween. It turns out, I just hated midterms.

After I graduated and Tyson and I were dating, I found out that I actually really enjoy Halloween. I like having an excuse to decorate, and I love dressing up with Tyson. I know some couples think couples costumes are super corny, but we’re huge fans.

Two years ago, we were Lois Lane and Superman:


Halloween 2011

Last year, we were Lucy and Charlie Brown:


Halloween 2012

This will be our third Halloween together (#oldtimers), and I’m so excited to dress up and get large bags of candy “for the trick or treaters.” I love the holidays, and spending them with Tyson makes them even better.


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