what we do when it’s not the weekend

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 10.54.06 PM“The Bible is family oriented. The first man and woman– Adam and Eve– were a family. All of the early recorded events in the life of Adam and Eve show them doing things together. Jesus’ teachings were directed to a family type of life. Latter-day revelation confirms all that the Bible teaches about the family and adds the most important truth: that through the gospel of Jesus Christ, the family can be sealed together in a permanent relationship for time and all eternity.” 

It seems like every post lately has started with, “This past weekend…” I promise we have a life outside of the weekends, but it’s busy and kind of boring, so I don’t often consider it blog-worthy. Weekdays are for:

  • work, school, and institute
  • unwinding in front of the TV
  • not seeing each other all day and then snuggling the rest of the night
  • (sometimes) staying up late talking and giggling
  • buying enough groceries to get us to Saturday when we can do some real grocery shopping
  • looking around our messy apartment, shaking my head, and promising I’ll deep-clean on Saturday
  • my personal favorite: the occasional mid-week date night

The weekdays are hectic and long, but at the end of each day, I’m reminded of why we do what we do, even when it’s hard and tiring. People say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but I think the best way to make the heart grow fonder is to work together towards a common goal. I know that doesn’t sound super romantic, but it works. We believe that the family is the most important unit, as it is meant to last forever. Right now, we’re working for our family. So that’s what we do during the weekdays, we build for eternity. And we count down the hours to the weekend, because weekends are the best.


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