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Last weekend was the best! We got tickets to the Saturday Afternoon session of General Conference, so we decided we’d try to crash the Saturday Morning session as well. We spent the night at my brother’s house in Salt Lake, and then woke up bright and early and booked it to McDonald’s, then to the Conference Center.

I hadn’t been to General Conference since I was a freshman in high school. All I really remember about it is that I was wearing a striped baby blue and pink turtleneck sweater. The early teens were so painful, you guys. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s because I’m older now, or because I wasn’t wearing something atrocious, but General Conference was so much better this time around.

After our quick McDonald’s breakfast, we headed to the standby line that was going to the tabernacle. I would’ve been happy to watch the first session from the tabernacle, but as it got closer to 9 am, the rows in front of us started emptying as people were getting moved into the conference center. We were one of the last rows to be given tickets to go to the conference center, so we power walked over there, only slowing down when we saw Ensign photographers. I told Tyson, “Look in love! I want to be on the cover of the Ensign,” and was only half kidding.

We came into the Conference Center as President Monson was finishing his opening remarks. I couldn’t really see him from where we were, but I was overwhelmed by the love I felt for that little blur. The rest of conference was so, so great. We were able to hear President Uchtdorf’s now famous, “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith,” in person, and it was definitely one of those moments where I knew that I was at the right place at the right time with the right person.

After Conference was over, I instantly felt a determination to live better and be happier. Here are some of my favorite quotes I wrote down:

  • Thanks to His love, it’s possible to change.
  • We petition for growth and are blessed with grace.
  • We have enough vanity, we need more virtue.
  • As they went with faith, the miracle occurred.
  • God has not forgotten your sorrows.
  • When the Lord speaks of weakness, it is always with mercy.

confWe are the Daun Family, and we approve of General Conference.

You can watch, listen, or read here.


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