recovering from minor surgery isn’t too bad..

So maybe it was just getting one of my wisdom teeth removed, but it’s still considered minor surgery, right? Aka, I’m super dramatic.

Anyway, I’d been having some pain, and I finally decided to go to the dentist on Friday afternoon. I hate going to the dentist, but they were really nice, and had an Ensign and Book of Mormon in the waiting room, so I instantly felt at ease.

When the dentist asked me if I’d had my wisdom teeth out, I said I had. Then he said, “Well, they forgot one. Do you want me to take it out right now?”

Instant panic. I only know how to deal with stressful situations like these after worrying about them for days and thinking of every worst possible outcome. But I put my brave face on and said okay. Add one numb face and subtract one wisdom tooth, and I was good to go. As I was leaving, they handed me a list of what to do and what not to do after oral surgery, which included no carbonated drinks. I’ve been a monster ever since.

Luckily, my husband is the sweetest/cutest. Even though I was zero fun this weekend, Tyson took great care of me. Note to self: If you must feel under the weather, then be sure to do it with Tyson around.


this is how happy I am when I have Diet Coke

Side Note: I haven’t had any Diet Coke since Friday, and I’m thinking of making it a permanent change. Prayers for Tyson please.


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