what I’ve learned from living in Utah

Our one year anniversary of our move to Utah came and went without me even noticing it, and I’m kind of glad. My expectations are always set way too high when it comes to anniversaries, and I end up disappointed. If things had gone my way, we would have baked California and Utah shaped cookies and then eaten them while swapping stories about our move and how much we’ve grown while we’ve been here. Tears encouraged, of course. Aren’t you glad this isn’t one of those posts? Instead, here’s what I’ve learned from living in Utah.

  • pop = soda
  • you’re going to need boots during the winter
  • also, layer
  • there are limitations to what a corolla can do in the snow
  • try not to park near any other cars
  • maybe just try to avoid driving altogether
  • there is one Jack in the Box in the whole state and it’s depressing
  • trust the weather forecast
  • the sunsets here are something else
  • so are the rainbows, lots of rainbows
  • guns are a thing here
  • toilet seat covers are not

I actually thought there would be more when I started writing this post, and I thought that some of it would actually be useful. I was wrong, so here’s a picture of Cache Valley a little over a year ago as we were driving in for the first time:

IMG_0096I kind of like it here.


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