a short tale

Yesterday, I googled “Imperial Valley weather.” I just wanted to know what I was up against. I was surprised that the highs were just a little over 100. There were even some little rain clouds. I thought, “This can’t be right?” I glanced up, and sure enough, I was looking at Imperial Valley, Texas. I googled “Imperial, CA” and braced myself. Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 9.53.36 PM

My first thought: I need to get some shorts.

Now, I’ve never liked my legs. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very functional, but definitely not my favorite feature. I own a few pairs of shorts, mostly basketball shorts that I wear around the house, nothing that I could even go to Wal-Mart in, and that’s saying a lot.

After work yesterday, Tyson and I went to our little Cache Valley Mall in search of some modest shorts. I don’t want to say that it’s impossible to find modest clothes during the summer, but I will say that it’s easier to thread a needle in the dark.

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 10.00.24 PM

We finally found some pink shorts at JcPenney. They were $10, my size, and didn’t look like underwear. I snatched them up, tears in my eyes, and walked triumphantly to the cash register.


possibly the only picture that exists of me wearing shorts

I’m not going to lie, I mostly just put this picture up here so I could casually mention that I once ran walked a 5K with Tyson. Please be impressed.


3 thoughts on “a short tale

  1. I totally agree with you on shorts. It’s not that I hate my legs, I just hate the style of long shorts. I hate that they flare out at the knee, I hate the way they fall on your hips. I am a skinny jean kinda gal. I couldn’t believe that the skinny jean has been popular for what? 7 years? (something like that), and yet, no one has thought to make a skinny jean short. Until recently. I went into Downeast and tried on a pair of shorts. Guess what, they fit like a pair of skinny jeans! Woo-hoo! Plus, they come in colors. Just like colored skinnys. Which, we all know, are amazing. I bought my first pair of shorts in a long long long time too. So, go to a boutique and try on a pair. Then buy them because you know you will love them. They run at about $26-30 depending on the boutique up here. They were soft, comfy, and very stretchy-just like skinny jeans. I did not buy mine from a boutique, I have seen similar though. (I got them from Downeast, but they weren’t a Downeast brand. So not much help there! Sorry! However, you can go to Downeast and see if they have them. They had a silver, shiny tag on them that had hearts on the tag. The tag says Touch me I dare you. Celebrity Pink Jeans. Mine were bright blue, like baby blue 🙂 ) Here are a couple of examples of them:
    They look the most like at this link:

  2. Sorry-totally commenting the crap out of your blog. I tried looking for the brand of shorts online. I found them at Dillards and Macys. However, they are not quite right as to what is online. They really do come to my knee and fit like skinnys like in the links I showed you. So don’t be fooled if you happen to come across them in your travels and they don’t look quite right. I am not trying to trick you! They do exist like in the links 🙂

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