first weekend of the summer

The week’s almost over, and I’m still thinking about the weekend. We drove down to Salt Lake City to see some of our California friends this past weekend. Any excuse to go down to Salt Lake (read: Target) is a good one, but visiting friends is definitely the best excuse.

We had been wanting to attend the Salt Lake temple for a while, so we finally went on Saturday. I wish I’d gotten a better picture, but this is the only one I took:


Doesn’t it just look like a castle?

As we were walking out of the temple, we saw all of the typical June sights: the brides in their white wedding dresses posing with their grooms by the temple doors. Then another little family caught my eye. It was a mom, a dad, and a little baby girl. They were all dressed in white, probably freshly sealed for time and eternity. My eyes filled with tears, even though I’m sure it was allergies or something. Families can be together forever. We hear that so often, we even sing songs about it, but seeing that little family just reminded me of how true it is.


maxi skirt and diet coke, my loyal companions

This weekend was filled with good food and good friends. As we were driving back to Logan, my heart was full. If every weekend this summer is half as good as this past one, we can call this a successful summer.


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