the time our toilet flooded

And it came to pass that on the 5th of June, our toilet runneth over…

I was getting ready to take a shower when something cold touched my foot. I looked down to see water gushing from our toilet. I am useless under pressure, so of course I panicked. I think my exact words were, “Tyson, bad!” as I pointed to our exploding toilet. Tyson rushed over and told me to get some towels. I ran those two steps to our linen closet, and laid some towels over the water, knowing that we would have to burn these towels as soon as they were dry. Now I really needed to take a shower, so I started stepping on the towels to get to the shower. The towel sank under my weight, and soon my foot was wet again. I screamed a girly scream and hopped in the shower, leaving Tyson to deal with our plumbing mess. I said that we could probably afford a nice little one bedroom somewhere else. When something like this happens, moving out is clearly the answer.

After my shower, Tyson was still working on our toilet. Our plumbing is super old, I don’t even think man had set foot on the moon when our toilet was installed. That’s a slight exaggeration, but I am not exaggerating when I say that Tyson unclogged our toilet for a good half hour. “You might want to get a picture of this,” he said, sweat pouring down his manly face.

20130605_213533Once he heard the victorious gurgle that meant that the clog had been beaten, he said, “I’ve never had a clog like that!” Our bathroom was still a mess, so we decided to venture into the frightening world of Wal-Mart past ten pm to buy all the bleach they had and a mop.20130605_213549

We swung by Carl’s Jr. after Wal-Mart because we still hadn’t had dinner, and we had both stepped on toilet water today, so we felt deserving of ingesting 1300 calories at once. After dinner and a quick episode of Hart of Dixie (obsessed!), Tyson told me to go to bed while he cleaned up. He kissed me goodnight, and went into the bathroom, bucket and mop in hand. I fell asleep to the sound of running water, the smell of bleach on the tip of my nose.

I thought I was done falling in love with Tyson, but that night I realized that we find love where we find life, in the messy, the broken, the human moments. That’s where I found mine.


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