somebody’s birthday is coming up

Today, Tyson and I looked at each other at 8 pm and asked, “Is it too early to go to sleep?” This must be what getting old is like, not that I would know since I’m only a youthful 22. But Tyson… Tyson will be 23 on Saturday. A May 11th baby, isn’t he such a Taurus? (I actually have no idea what that means, but I’m sure he is.)

Anyway, this is his second birthday that we get to spend together, and I am determined to make a big deal out of it. I had to work on his birthday last year, so we didn’t really get to celebrate until the weekend, when we went to Train Day at the Los Angeles train station. I tried to find a good picture of us together, but we look kind of chubby in all of them. So here’s some pictures of trains:


391376_10150886494175895_1158231584_nSince Tyson’s birthday falls on a Saturday this year, we actually get to celebrate that same day, which I’m really excited about. For his birthday this year, Tyson wants to… go to Train Day! I’m hoping I can get a good picture of us looking super fit. I’m thinking Myspace angles. Or I can always intensely crop a picture so our bellies don’t show:


Also, when do I get to start calling my husband a silver fox? Is it once he turns 23? I thought so.

Side note: I just asked Tyson why I can’t sing like Sarah Simmons from The Voice and he said that it’s because I slept in the day the talents were handed out. Rude. I take back what I said about him being a silver fox.


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