On Friday, we became the proud owners of a washer and dryer. Before this, we had been frequent visitors to the laundry room by our apartment. We spent way too much time there, mostly because we used to be the paranoid people who stayed with their clothes at all times. No laundry thieves would be taking my multitude of black and white striped shirts, not on our watch!


Also, we were both unemployed during the summer, so sitting in the laundry room for hours was no problem. I don’t know how we found things to talk about since we were together all the time. But still, we sat in the laundry room and talked about nothing while splitting a Diet Coke from the vending machine and trying to watch something on my laptop. I’m adding that to my list of “things I didn’t think I would miss, but I sometimes miss.”

IMG-20120725-00419Since then, we have evolved to people who can leave their clothes unattended. As far as I can tell, none of our clothes have gone missing. We did find some baby shorts when we were folding our laundry once, which kind of grossed me out, so I definitely won’t miss that..

IMG-20120725-00420I also won’t miss the hassle of having to carry everything over to the laundry room, which caused us to only do laundry about once every two weeks. By the end of those two weeks, I was making some pretty questionable fashion decisions:

IMG_20130218_211328Here’s to me never having to wear pajama pants and one of Tyson’s hoodies in public ever again!


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