spring showers

A few weeks ago, Tyson picked me up from work just as it was starting to rain. My hometown gets less than three inches of rain per year, so rain is still really exciting for me. Tyson knows how much I love the rain, so we threw some chicken in the crock pot and went for a drive.

We ended up taking the same drive that we took when we went up to Idaho, and it was even more beautiful this time. Before I moved to Utah, I thought the whole state would just be a frozen tundra, but some places here are so beautiful that it’s just unreal. This is one of those places.




Spring is the only season that we haven’t yet experienced in Utah. Soon, it will be summer, and we will have been here for a whole year. I have to admit that I’m sort of disappointed by all of the things I haven’t done yet. I worry that it will soon be spring again, and I’m going to realize that I was once again just as dormant as the plants that were under piles of snow.

There is so much that I want to do and become, but good intentions are not enough. When we leave Utah, I want to have something to show for our time here. I want for my marriage to be better than it was when we got here, for my faith to be stronger, and for my writing to be more polished.

It’s time to wake up, and start doing the things that I always said I would do. There will never be a practical time for me to follow my dreams, but I’m going to start now anyway.

I know that the rain makes some people sad, but for me, rain has always been symbolic of cleansing, renewal, and hope. It’s as if every little raindrop that falls to the Earth is saying:















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