baby animal days

On Saturday, we took a break in between the morning and afternoon sessions of General Conference to go to Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center. Baby Animal Days is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, so Tyson was all over it. After all, there were going to be baby bears there!

When we got there, I realized that they were selling cotton candy, and I was suddenly very interested in being there.

We went to see the calves first.

IMG_0005Tyson insisted that I feel how soft the calf was. I wasn’t super excited about it. “There, there, please don’t attack me.”


By that time, I’d notice that we were pretty much the only people there who didn’t have kids, and Tyson was the only adult who was actually playing with the animals.
IMG_0019So I stood by the other moms, and we all took pictures of our respective kids.

IMG_0026After the bunnies, we were off to the main attraction, the bears. I’d only inquired about my cotton candy a few thousand times by then. There were also some ominous clouds that looked like they were heading in our direction, but we did not let them deter us. We were determined– Tyson was going to see the bears and I was going to get my cotton candy.

The line to get into the bear exhibit was kind of ridiculous, but I figured it wouldn’t take too long, and if we had to eat some cotton candy to pass the time, then so be it.

Then it started raining.

I panicked, what if the cotton candy guys went home? Should I just get my cotton candy now and hide it under my sweater? The rain calmed down after about twenty minutes and I was able to get my cotton candy. By then, I had gotten rained on and possibly pooped on and there was a mud stain on my jeans, but I didn’t care because the only thing I’d really wanted this whole time was cotton candy. As far as I was concerned, we could go home. But we were there so Tyson could see the baby bears, so we waited for another half an hour.


Was it worth it?IMG_0041I don’t know, just look at that face.


Worth it.


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