on airports and flying

Tyson had been trying to convince me to go flying with him for some time, but the weather hadn’t allowed it. Last Monday, the weather betrayed me and there wasn’t one measly cloud in the sky. So, to the airport we went.

This is how I looked before take-off:


Please excuse my bad posture. I was scared, and I kind of had to go to the bathroom.

Heights are at the top of my long list of fears, but I have always loved airports, especially at night. I spent a long time parked outside of the Imperial airport, staring at those blue runway lights through the chain link fence. The night before I left for my junior year of college, I drove to the airport and thought about how so many things had fallen apart that summer. The end of college was in sight, and I was terrified of not knowing where my life would go after that. As I faced the empty airport, I pleaded for some sort of direction. Then those blue lights turned on, and I felt that they were for me– I knew that I wasn’t alone and that I would find my way. It was impossible for me to not think of that moment when I looked down at those blue lights as we went in for landing.

This is what the world looks like when you’re up there:
Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 6.40.44 PMI think I understand why Tyson loves flying so much now.


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