march on a thursday

Happy March!

Remember how I said that February wasn’t going to slip through my fingers like January did? It totally did. But that’s okay, because it’s our anniversary month! In 3 days, we will have been married for one year. Please expect lots of mushy posts about marriage. For now, let me tell you about my Thursday:

I drove Tyson to work today, which is a big deal because he drives me to work every single day, and I haven’t driven in… maybe two months? I was worried that I wouldn’t remember which one’s the gas and which one’s the brake anymore, but driving is kind of like riding a bike (except not as physically strenuous). At first, I was really cautious, “Have my brakes always been so sensitive?” Next thing you know, I’m blasting M.I.A. and singing along without a care in the world. I intentionally missed the turn to our apartment and made my way to the grocery store, because maybe today is the day I learn how to use a crockpot? I wandered around the grocery store with a shopping cart that sounded like it was in its last days (it’s a family trait, my mom has terrible taste in carts too) and was asked, “Ma’am, can I help you find something?” several times.

I bought some chicken because it seemed like it would be easy and googled “crockpot chicken” when I got home. I skimmed through the first recipe and read “eight hours.” I laughed at myself for thinking that my crockpot would get taken out of its box today and spent the next hour and a half looking at our wedding pictures.

p846213022-6I love this guy.


2 thoughts on “march on a thursday

  1. I LOVE knowing that you spent an hour and a half looking through your wedding pictures!!! I hope you are both doing well and have a WONDERFUL anniversary.

    Love you both,


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