in the midst of winter

In the midst of winter,

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 10.57.08 PM

We caught the tail end of a Utah summer when we first moved to Logan and watched in amazement as the leaves changed color at the beginning of fall. (California doesn’t really have seasons, it’s mostly just one long summer.) As the leaves started to fall and the temperature dropped, we braced ourselves for winter. With winter came the snow, the cold, and my inability to drive myself to work.

Have you ever lived through a winter so cold that you didn’t know if spring would ever come? That’s kind of what this past winter has been like. As we were driving today, we noticed dirty piles of snow on the side of the road. The snow is starting to melt, and it means that spring is coming. It’s almost unnoticeable at first, but then you start to see the touches of spring everywhere, the snow melting on the porch, a touch of green here and there, the sun touching everything and bringing it back to life.

There will be more winters, I don’t know how many more, but I know that they will all come to an end, like all seasons do. And then spring will come again, like it always does.

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 10.56.48 PM

I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.


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