the truth about friday

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 12.02.04 AMFridays are my favorite because I get to wear jeans to work. I didn’t think much of jeans before, but a business casual workplace has opened my eyes to the magic that is being able to wear jeans. So on Fridays, I wear jeans to work and think about how I’m going to change the world. I also make 20,000 phone calls and snack on chocolate and Diet Coke while I’m on hold. By 3 pm, I’m thinking that maybe date night will be postponed until 8 pm instead of 6 pm like we’d planned. By 5 pm, I’m thinking that maybe date night will be postponed until Saturday night because it’s 5 pm and I. am. done. The truth about Friday is that I’m exhausted. I don’t have the energy to do the things I told myself I wanted to do, magical jeans and all.

After I got home today, I napped through all of Wheel of Fortune and most of Jeopardy. I only woke up to answer the final Jeopardy question. Emily Dickinson! Yay for me, I am 73.

Tyson microwaved the left-overs from our Valentine’s day dinner and we watched an episode of Revenge, pausing every few minutes to say, “I don’t trust him/her.” I’m not sure where the next few hours of our Friday night went, but suddenly, it was almost ten. I was ready for bed, but Tyson suggested we go to Wal-Mart to get some discounted Valentine’s Day candy. Always the adventurer, I zipped up my brown boots and set off to Wal-Mart. Not so deep down, I was hoping that the giant stuffed unicorn that I’d hidden under a creepy alligator and a sad bear would still be there, on sale for 98 cents. After roaming almost every aisle in Wal-Mart, I was feeling very me 2006. I thought about buying some crocheting needles and a big bottle of glitter. Wal-Mart was being Wal-Mart. Our search for Valentine’s Day candy and giant stuffed unicorn was unprofitable, and we returned home, sad and empty-handed.

Needless to say, this weekend is off to a rough start.  Saturday, we’re all counting on you to turn this weekend around!


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