thoughts on a saturday

Saturdays at the Daun’s are a cause for celebration. Sleeping in is usually followed by breakfast for lunch and then the whole, “So, what do you want to do today?” “I don’t know what do you want to do today” and so on until someone decides to finally be honest and say what they actually wanted to do all along. Today, we celebrated that we could tolerate being outside for longer than five minutes (it was in the thirties!) by taking a stroll down Main Street, just like we did during the summer.

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 8.40.47 PMI love Main Street, and I have ever since the first time we drove into this little town that would become our home. We drove here with a car full of as many of our belongings as we could fit, a playlist full of our favorite songs, no jobs, no friends, and no idea what we were doing. We wound up and down Sardine Canyon, and with every turn, I felt further and further away from home. Suddenly, we were in the valley, and I knew. I knew that we would be okay, and I knew that we were home. As we were driving into Cache Valley, looking for the temple, I said to Tyson, “This place is going to be good for us.”

I remembered the couple of weeks that I spent visiting my hometown a month or so before we got married. My mom was helping me get our invitations ready and Tyson called to tell me that he’d gotten into Utah State. I remember looking out the window after our phone call and realizing that my life was about to change. I was trading one small town for another.

All through my teenage years, I had wanted to escape my small town. I remember the frustration, the pain at feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere. It wasn’t boredom, it was the desire for more, and the hope that somewhere, out there in a world that was much bigger than my own, there was more. In feeling stuck, I was driven to books, to music, to art. Most importantly, the frustrations of my small town life drove me to writing. I often pictured myself in a big city- there I would find myself and my voice.

When we drove into Logan for the first time that summer morning, a part of me felt like sixteen-year-old me would be so disappointed. There I was, willingly living in a small town. But as we drove past Main Street, I fell in love with those old brick buildings, and I knew that they would inspire me to tell those stories that I had always known lived inside of me. I knew that the same desire for more that had driven me in a different valley would drive me in this one. As we passed Main Street and continued to look for the temple, I felt hope, the hope that this little town would be where I finally found my voice, and maybe even myself.


in which my husband is the best

I usually go to bed too late and then complain about it the morning after. I’m always rushing, debating if I should skip putting on mascara in the interest of time. And I always, always, always forget to have breakfast. Of course Tyson saves the day. Today, he brought me the most perfect sugary donut from Macey’s. After he left, one of my co-workers said, “Your husband is the nicest guy.” Then another one of my co-workers turned around and said, “Yeah, you scored.” Because, obviously I did.

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 9.52.13 PMHe also made me this card during FHE on Monday. Any paper with writing on it directed towards me is my love language, but this one wins.

Now I’m done bragging about my husband. Did I mention that he’s the best? Okay, good.

Brigham City temple

When we lived in California, we thought we were spoiled because we had the Newport Beach temple less than twenty minutes away. Now that we live in Utah, we realize how much more spoiled you can be.

Since the Logan temple was closed for the last two weeks, we decided to take a trip down to Brigham City and visit the temple there. We had only been to the Brigham City temple once, for the open house. Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you wish you could memorize every detail, so that every time you closed your eyes, you could experience that moment again? That’s kind of how I felt.

I was really pouty when Tyson told me that he forgot his camera because I wanted to get a picture of us in front of the temple, so when we got back home, Tyson made a little background for us on my laptop.Photo on 2013-01-12 at 21.33 #2

Of course once we started playing with the different backgrounds, it was hard to stop.

Photo on 2013-01-12 at 21.34 #2We both made that weird face the second we set the moon as the background, I don’t know why.
Photo on 2013-01-12 at 21.35 #3

Saturdays are for visiting the temple, the moon, and a waterfall.

Better pictures of the Brigham City temple here.

10 months

Tyson and I celebrated our ten month anniversary yesterday. We went to Kneaders after institute and sipped on hot chocolates while looking out the window at the falling snow. I’m not going to lie, most of the time, I was staring at my reflection, trying to figure out if I liked my headband or not. It’s supposed to cover my ears against the cold, but most of the time, I end up feeling self-conscious about what it looks like and taking it off. It happens.


Anyway, after I asked Tyson what his life was like before he met me (besides terribly lonely), our conversation drifted towards the mundane. At one point, I interrupted what he was saying with, “PS, we need toilet paper. Can you pick some up tomorrow?” Super romantic, I know.

It may have just been because the inside of Kneaders was all red and pink hearts and half-naked-arrow-pointing babies, but I started thinking about romance. When you get married at 21 and you’re working full-time while your husband goes to school full-time, sometimes it feels like there isn’t a whole lot of time for romance. There’s hardly even time to pick up toilet paper or put laundry away (typed the person that’s currently sitting on a pile of laundry) (surprisingly comfortable, if you must know). For now, I will choose to find romance in what Tyson said to me when we were driving to institute: “Thanks for making marriage super fun. I knew it would be fun, but I didn’t think it would be this fun.” I know, he’s kind of the best.


IMG-20130110-00732Also, I want our apartment to look like this display at Kneaders someday.