food storage and other thoughts

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in California, and our life has felt so scattered ever since. Does that ever happen to anyone else after a vacation? We may or may not still have a duffel bag to unpack.. It’s just been hard to get back into our routines and our coats. We took turns being sick and letting our apartment get messy, and every time I look at that duffel bag, I think, “Oh, bother!” (I’ve also taken to talking like Winnie the Pooh in my head. Is that weird?)

In other news of little consequence: There’s a squirrel that lives outside of our apartment that has been gathering food for the winter for a few weeks now. He makes me really nervous about our food storage situation.

IMG_0006If the Mayans were right and the apocalypse happens this month, Tyson and I will be stuck sharing a jar of Nutella and some Diet Coke. And Tyson doesn’t even like Nutella.

…That was going to be an entire blog post. I was just going to pretend that I don’t have an entire universe of ideas within me, close my laptop, and do the dishes. Then, I thought to myself, “Not tonight.”‘

Lately, I’ve been thinking about perfection. We went to Michael’s to get a Christmas tree and I asked Tyson to stop while loading the (tiny) tree into the trunk, so I could take a picture “for the blog.” As soon as I said that, I felt a little embarrassed. I even cried a little bit.. I was so annoyed with myself for trying to turn what should’ve been a sweet moment– husband and wife getting their first Christmas tree together, into a photo op. I noticed that I have been filtering my writing to make my life seem more perfect than it actually is. What is this obsession we have with perfection?

The truth is, our life isn’t any more interesting than anybody else’s. Let me tell you…

We usually go to bed around midnight after watching reruns of Storage Wars. Tyson does most of the cooking around here. My favorite food this week is muffins. I love the smell of a clean kitchen. I still don’t really know how to explain my job to people. Tyson works at a call center and his voice is really hoarse after a long shift and it makes me want to cry that he’s working there for me. Whenever I see a baby at the grocery store, I make faces until the baby laughs while their mom isn’t looking. I like to correct people’s grammar, and remind Tyson at least once a week that I was an english major. We’ve been married for a little over nine months, and I feel like we’ve only been doing this thing right for about a third of that time. Our life isn’t perfect, or really all that interesting, but isn’t there something special about that?

227432_10151321828550186_608720936_nWe got this fortune when we went out to eat for our nine month anniversary on Monday, and I realized something.. Our life doesn’t have to be perfect.

Perfection is not meant to be achievable now. But happiness is.

382828_10150367067710895_1621415922_n(taken the day we got engaged)