for one night

Let the dishes sit in the sink for one night.
Try not to worry so much about what your hair will look like if you don’t straighten it.
Unpack later.
Leave your phone on silent.
Stay up late watching episodes of Friday Night Lights even though you have work in the morning.
Stop worrying about how your pants are a little tighter lately and go eat ice cream with your husband because he doesn’t get off work until 10, and people who work until 10 deserve ice cream.
For one night, just stop.
Stop worrying about the world and start wondering about your world. Remember your world? You know, the one that lives inside your head– all those dreams, hopes, wishes, all those things you want to become, all those places you want to see, all that life you want to live. Think about that.
Breathe, and think about that, just for one night.


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