adventures in Ogden

Last Thursday, I received a job offer, and I was told to bring two forms of ID to my first day of work, which would be on the following Monday. I remembered that I’d never quite gotten around to the whole changing my name thing, so both my driver’s license and my social security card still have my maiden name on it. It is so hard to be Brenda Rubio, you guys. I hate the DMV ever since I cried during my first driving test because the guy I took my test with yelled at me and told me I was a bad driver. (A story for another day…) Anyway, we thought we should at least get the name on my Social Security card changed. The closest place to do that was in Ogden, so to Ogden we went.We walked into an old post office building, thinking that’s where the social security place was (it wasn’t), but we did manage to get some pictures of their awesome ceiling.And then this elevator… I half expected Royal Tenenbaum to be in there asking me what floor I wanted.

After going to the Social Security office, we patted ourselves on the back for being adults and went to get some ice cream to celebrate. We conveniently passed a train museum on the way there. If you know my husband, then you know that he loves trains more than he loves just about anything else, except for airplanes. So we took a quick detour to the train museum, ice cream cones in hand.

Tyson in a Wes Anderson movie. He’s the Richie to my Margot, obviously.

When we were at the train museum, I commented that we found ourselves at train stations a lot. He loves trains, and I love anything reminiscent of a different era when women were ladies and men were gentlemen. Maybe the reason Tyson and I work together is because we love the same things for different reasons. Like I said, the Richie to my Margot…


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