for one night

Let the dishes sit in the sink for one night.
Try not to worry so much about what your hair will look like if you don’t straighten it.
Unpack later.
Leave your phone on silent.
Stay up late watching episodes of Friday Night Lights even though you have work in the morning.
Stop worrying about how your pants are a little tighter lately and go eat ice cream with your husband because he doesn’t get off work until 10, and people who work until 10 deserve ice cream.
For one night, just stop.
Stop worrying about the world and start wondering about your world. Remember your world? You know, the one that lives inside your head– all those dreams, hopes, wishes, all those things you want to become, all those places you want to see, all that life you want to live. Think about that.
Breathe, and think about that, just for one night.


saturday night

An apology to our tens of readers:
Sorry we’ve been boring lately. Tyson and I both started new jobs a few weeks ago, and they sort of take a lot out of us. Lately, most of our adventures are going to the grocery store. Yay, groceries! Are we getting older or are we just tired? It’s hard to tell.

Anyway, Tyson’s been at work since 5 pm, and I’ve been in my pajamas for longer than I care to admit. I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson’s new single while waiting for my nail polish to dry. As soon as my nail polish dries, I have a few dirty dishes in the sink that are waiting for me. Please don’t be jealous of how awesome my life is.

If I had a baby, here’s where I would insert a cute picture of a baby that would make you feel better about having read something super boring. But I don’t, so here’s a picture of Tyson feeding ducks during the summer because that’s pretty adorable too:

You’re welcome.

eight months

Dear Tyson,

Eight months ago, we became a family. Since then, every day has been different. Some days, we fight. Most days, we laugh. And every day, I look up to heaven, and say, “Dear God, thank you for sending him my way.”

Happy eight month anniversary. You’re my favorite blessing.

a charlie brown halloween

For one of our first dates, or hang-outs, or whatever we were calling being together at the time (the beginning stages of a relationship are so confusing!), Tyson came over to my house to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. When we finished watching the movie, with the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas theme song playing in the background, Tyson turned to me and said, “We should do this every year around Christmastime.”

Every year! I can’t remember what I said, but I remember that being the first time that a future for us was more than just a hazy idea. Whatever future there was for us, it included A Charlie Brown Christmas around Christmastime. I could live with that.

Long story short: We dated, got engaged, and for the following Christmas, I got him a super thoughtful present, the Charlie Brown Holiday Collection, which of course included A Charlie Brown Christmas.

We got married, moved to Utah with our Charlie Brown movies in tow, and then attended our ward Halloween’s party dressed as Charlie Brown and Lucy.

Tyson’s drawn-on forehead curl got us this:We also started a new tradition: watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on Halloween while eating the candy that was intended for the trick-or-treaters that never came. Good grief.

adventures in Ogden

Last Thursday, I received a job offer, and I was told to bring two forms of ID to my first day of work, which would be on the following Monday. I remembered that I’d never quite gotten around to the whole changing my name thing, so both my driver’s license and my social security card still have my maiden name on it. It is so hard to be Brenda Rubio, you guys. I hate the DMV ever since I cried during my first driving test because the guy I took my test with yelled at me and told me I was a bad driver. (A story for another day…) Anyway, we thought we should at least get the name on my Social Security card changed. The closest place to do that was in Ogden, so to Ogden we went.We walked into an old post office building, thinking that’s where the social security place was (it wasn’t), but we did manage to get some pictures of their awesome ceiling.And then this elevator… I half expected Royal Tenenbaum to be in there asking me what floor I wanted.

After going to the Social Security office, we patted ourselves on the back for being adults and went to get some ice cream to celebrate. We conveniently passed a train museum on the way there. If you know my husband, then you know that he loves trains more than he loves just about anything else, except for airplanes. So we took a quick detour to the train museum, ice cream cones in hand.

Tyson in a Wes Anderson movie. He’s the Richie to my Margot, obviously.

When we were at the train museum, I commented that we found ourselves at train stations a lot. He loves trains, and I love anything reminiscent of a different era when women were ladies and men were gentlemen. Maybe the reason Tyson and I work together is because we love the same things for different reasons. Like I said, the Richie to my Margot…