you are going to tell stories

I just started a new job that I’m extremely grateful for. It’s not the job that I was hoping for when I graduated with a bachelor’s in english, but are there any english majors out there who have their dream jobs? Please let me know so I can be jealous of you!

As I was driving home from my first day at said job yesterday, I saw two people walking. There was nothing striking about them, but for some reason, their humanity touched me. I found myself trying not to cry as I turned left to go home. I wrote a sentence about them in my head and then forgot it as I was pulling into our parking lot. That line is now living in the land of good ideas that are not written down.

I know that I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties lately, and I promise to do better. To be completely honest, I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling sorry for myself, thinking that my life was ordinary and my stories unworthy of an audience. Today, I pictured myself as I have always been and thought of who I want to be. I pictured my Heavenly Father hugging me goodbye as He sent me to my earthly home. I like to think He said, “You are going to tell stories.”

I want to tell you stories about hope and love but also about heartache and loneliness. There is something in every day that is beautiful, that is important, that is worthy of being written down because stories are important. Your stories are important. You are important.


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